The Husky embodies the spirit of adventure, resilience, endurance and loyalty. The reason that we are the Auckland Huskies, is not because these fierce and powerful beasts roam the streets of Auckland, it’s because they don’t.

Their journey lies out in the snowy wilderness working together as a unified pack to achieve insurmountable goals, against all odds. This unbreakable spirit of togetherness is what binds us as a community together, and this is boldly represented in our partnership with LifeChanger Foundation.

The LifeChanger Foundation identifies and develops inspiring mentors within communities and delivers holistic self-development workshops for teens, creating and sustaining safe and resilient communities.

This has never been more important than right now as we face unprecedented challenges in 2020. We will awaken the hero within you – as basketball fans, as Aucklanders, as Kiwi’s and as a proud community.

Join our community right here, on the link below:

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